Autoscaled & Justified Billboard Text

So much more than just billboards, Billboard can scale and justify almost any text with style.

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Please see the Live Demo site above which has detailed usage instructions.


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Billboard is a lot more than glitzy posters.

Use it in your normal content to have perfectly auto scaling column headers.

Billboard is 100% Foundation and 100% Responsive so it works beautifully in columns - as you would expect


Billboard enhanced autoscaling headings, paragraphs and text in any theme.

Autoscale - Scale just one line or an entire paragraph to fit in a fully justified manner. Create beautiful panels and announcements. 

Google Fonts & Custom Fonts - Apply Google fonts or your own custom fonts (EOT, TTF, WOF, SVG) to your text, independent of Foundation settings and preview it live in edit mode.

Font Vault Support - for use with Font Pro.

Opacity Text - Apply an opacity to your text, ideal when placed over images and cover backgrounds.

Fade In - Soften the page appearance with a very subtle fade in of your text.

And Much More.... - see the demo for full features and usage tips and help

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