Make Any Stack Fixed Or Sticky

Pin allows you to turn anything into an animated sticky stack. With lots of options for style and content control it has a million uses.

This download contains both Foundation and non-Foundation (other themes) examples.


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Thank you in advance.

About Pin

Pin allows you to create sticky or fixed elements on your page from any stacks you choose, menus, buttons, or combinations.

If your page already has a fixed menu bar at the top, Pin allows you to create a second navigation element below, perhaps for in-page navigation, product selections or anything else you like.

Pin has an overlay mode to place content over header images or banners without pushing down the content.

Pin can also change the color of its background and the foreground color of text contents as it becomes fixed.


Pin is fully responsive. On small screens when the content layout has changed responsively you can fix the Pins stack accordingly. There are also options to hide above or below a breakpoint, remove the fix below the breakpoint and also make the stack full width if required.

Preview Mode Helper
Working out the positions that you need to apply the fix can be challenging in a responsive layout. Pins makes this easy with its Preview Mode Helper.

Pin gives a visual readout of the stacks top and bottom position so that it is simple to add another element precisely below.


Pin is fully compatible with ScrollUp, TopBar MagicGellan and any other menu system that is capable of being set to a static position.

Pin will work with most RapidWeaver themes within the limitations imposed by the themes page structure.

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