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Please Read All the following guidelines before submitting a ticket.

As BWD is done purely in my spare time as a free service to the community.

It is greatly appreciated if you only use support for genuine bug reporting and problem resolution. No one else provides support on free stacks so please use the service responsibly.

There are many experienced users who may have already experienced what you are encountering and can offer advice.

This is often both quicker but also means that others can benefit by reading the advice given.

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making a support request

Please follow these simple steps before submitting a support ticket

1. Isolate the problem

Please try to work out what exactly is causing the problem.

This may mean removing other stacks from the page or creating a new test project into which you paste the stack or stacks that are not performing as expectted.

2. Simplify the problem

It is incredibly difficult to diagnose a problem within a huge page of content stacks.

Please, therefore, simplify the problem down as much as is possible before submitting project files.

There are times however when you need to send a project "as is" in order to demonstrate the problem but in most cases this is not necessary.

Often the process of simplifying the problem will lead to the solution anyway. 90% of support requests are not bugs but are user error.

3. Clear Explantaions Please

Please explain in simple clear terms what exactly the problem is.

Stack 'A' does this when I use it with stack 'B'. Stack 'C' does not appear on the page when it is placed below stack 'D' - are very simplistic but ideal examples.

It is also of a great help if you exhaling what setting you have changed. This is a massive timesaver during the support process. Please remember that you have been looking at your page for a long time and are familiar with it.

4. Zip Project Files to the Cloud

Please do not attach large project files to emails.

If the file is greater than approximately 2 or 3 Mb, please upload it to a cloud sharing service and send a link in your support request. Dropbox, CloudApp, Infinit or CloudUp are all ideal for this purpose.

Important: Please remember to zip your RapidWeaver project files before uploading or emailing. Many services will strip vital information from the folder if you simply upload and use the built in zip archiving features of services like DropBox.

5. Ticket Numbers & Replies

When you send a support request you will get an acknowledgment with a ticket number. Please ensure that any subsequent replies contain this ticket number. Please do not start a fresh mail thread with a different subject line as it makes tracking the progress of a ticket very difficult.

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