Paragraph Pro Stack

Beautiful text, made easy and efficient

Paragraph Pro allows all the control you ever wanted for a text stack in a light weight super efficient package.

Demo Project -includes Header Pro & Paragraph Pro For All themes and Foundation specific file (RW6)


Your kind donations fund the running costs and keep the stacks and support free.

Thank you in advance.

Paragraph Pro

Paragraph Pro does something quite unique, thanks to the power of stacks 3.

By making extensive use of Child stacks, only the code you use is added to your page. As normal text, it is pure CSS.

If, however you want to take advantage of the additional features like Drop Captials, Read More and Inline Images then these are added with a simple click of the plus button.

Then, and only then, is the additional javascript needed added to your page. Even then, the JS libraries are only added once per page and shared between all instances of the stack.


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Responsive Size Control

Simple (2 way) and advanced (4 way) responsive size control means that your typography is always optimally displayed.

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Type Setting Control

Easily adjust character and word spacing to correct for font display inadequacies. Adjust line-heights to correct for font baseline errors.

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Vertical Rhythm

Easily apply page wide adjustments for vertical rhythm page wide using a single stack.

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Newspaper Columns

Flow text over multiple columns. Lots of responsive options and layout possibilities.

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Font Control & Loading

Support for default theme fonts, Google fonts or Web Fonts. This is the first stack enabled for the new Font Vaults.

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Schema Vocabulary

Add a schema description for your content to help with SEO. See for more information.

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Drop Capitals

Add drop capital letters to your text with one easy click. You can use a different font for the drop cap and control every aspect of its appearance, position and type face.

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Read More

Add a readmore control to collapse a paragraph and enable a link to show and hide it. Lots of styling options and font-awesome icons.

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Floating Images

Add floating images with lots of responsive control. Options to stack and re-scale for mobile. Easy CMS controllable.

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