Animated Typing Text and Text Replacement

Create an animated typing effect, animate headlines and lots more.


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Type will type out text. It can also replace and retype part or all of the text and has lots of custom styling options.

Typer allows you to specify a series of words or phases, Smart Replace will just highlight and replace those characters and words that are changed from one phase to the next.

This is exactly the same as if you were highlighting and retyping the text yourself. See the live demo page for examples of how it works.


You can add lead in and following text that is not animated.
This is a great time saver and saves replication in the animated text input.

There are controls for continuous or only once animation and the color and background of the highlight can be styled.
Animation can begin on page load, after a delay or when the stack comes into view.

You can set Typer to be either paragraph text or any heading level you want from h1 though h6.

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