MagicGellan2 Stacks

The most complete suite of in-page scrolling stacks.

MagicGellan provides menus, navigation dots, smooth scrolling links and much more besides.

The new MagicGellan2 menu bar is fully responsive with a beautiful animated mobile alternative and supports icons from any icon set.

MagicGellan 2

Completely rewritten and updated, MagicGellan2 is the single page navigation solution for Foundation 5 that everyone asked for.

MagicGellan2 features totally automatic menu generation - no more typing long lists of code or retyping edit mode links when you move page content around. Simply move the MagicMarker, Magic Zone, or Section Stack and the menu is automatically updated.

Magic Markers and zones now support Font Awesome and other icon sets so that you can add icons to your menu items - again totally automatically.

The new Nav Dots stack is now stand alone and can be used with or without a MagicGellan menu bar on the page.


Your kind donations fund the running costs and keep the stacks and support free.

Thank you in advance.

The Stacks

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MagicGellan 2

MagicGellan 2 is a complete re-write of the original stack. Producing 60% less code yet with almost twice the features. MagicGellan 2 is completely responsive with its own custom animated mobile menu.

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Magic Dots

New to the suite is the Magic Dots stack. No longer integrated into MagicGellan you can now have nav dots on any site. As a standalone stack we have now been able to add a lot more styling and layout options.

Stacks Image 3829025

Magic Marker 2

Magic Markers define the scroll-to points on your page but also automatically create the menu. Now including support for FontAwesome icons in your menus and a huge amount of styling options for individual menu items. Responsively hide or show any menu item at any screen size.

Stacks Image 3829033

Magic Zone 2

Magic Zones have had the same total re-make as Markers. With lots of styling and responsive controls they allow you to add external links, light boxes and dropdown mega menus to a MagicGellan bar. Magic Zones can be used to insert buttons into your menu or even create a responsive icon bar menu.

Stacks Image 3829041

Magic Link

The Magic Link stack can be used without the main MagicGellan stack to make a smooth scrolling link to anywhere you put a marker on your page. Use it to scroll down a hero header or to provide section by section up and down scroll links from any content such as a button or image stack.

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New fully responsive dropdown mobile menu with animated hamburger and advanced styling options.

You can create horizontal or vertical menus, nav dot navigation or combinations of all three.

MagicGellan works beautifully with Top Bar and all of the other Foundation 5 navigation stacks.

The MagicGellan suite includes Magic Marker, Magic Link, Magic Zone and Nav Dots stacks.

Magic Marker has adjustable landing points, and the ability to contain content, making organisation of your pages much easier.

Magic Link makes any stack in to a magellan link. It works with MagicGellan and standard Foundation markers and does not require a menu on the page.

MagicGellan and Sections were quite literally made for each other. Together they create a whole new way to design your pages that is both more simple and more powerful than previously possible.

Comaptible with Foundation 5 Magellan (Foundation Stacks v.1.x)

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