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Glitch effects for images and text

Lightweight and simple to use, add CSS Glitch effects to make your images and text stand out. Glitch can be activated on hover, when in view or all the time.

Compatible with all themes.
Requires Stacks 3.5 or later.


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Glitch when hovered


Stacks Image 4039332

Simple setup

Add a local or a warehoused image.

Choose one of 4 different glitch types.

Choose when to start the effect.

Stacks Image 4039468

Glitch Text

Any text within a Glitch Text stack will be animated along with the main image glitch

Stacks Image 4039534
Stacks Image 4039548

Custom Settings

The built in glitch settings give great results but you can of course go custom if you prefer.

Glitch when in view


This glitch is set to repeat just 3 times.

You can also choose to have the animation continuous.

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