Extra Content and Reveal Zones for Foundation TopBar

Finally get control of the TopBar extra zones and whats more, create new content areas in your top bar.


Your kind donations fund the running costs and keep the stacks and support free.

Thank you in advance.


Click or scroll to reveal extra content areas in your Foundation TopBar.

Joey works with Button Plus so provide 2 state menu buttons in your TopBar extra zone.

Joey will create a smooth sliding reveal area at the bottom of your TopBar for extra menu content, icon bars, contact details or whatever you choose.

See the Live Demo site for some ideas.

Each Joey stack has 3 elements.

Joey Launcher

Menu Item Style, Buttons or Images the choice is yours

Joey Main Content

An area of slide down content below the TopBar Menu items triggered by a launcher

Joey Scroll Content

A drop zone of slide down content below the TopBar Menu Items triggered by the action of scrolling the page


Drop Content - Banners in TopBar, Integral drop down mega menus, contact details, directions or any content you want can slide down from TopBars’ extra zones.

Scroll Content - Content that appears and disappears depending on where the user has scrolled to on the page. This has a thousand uses from content aware related information to housing a Magellan menu system along side your conventional site navigation.

With Joey you don’t have to choose between TopBarSite menus and Magellan page menus - have both

Multiple Joey’s - You can drop as many Joeys into top bar as you want and content will be intelligently managed.

Launch External - Joey can also reveal other content any where on your page at the click or a hover of a button

Button Plus Compatible - as well as Joey’s built in Launcher with either text and font awesome icons or images, Joey can be triggered from Button Plus buttons for true customizable style in any design of TopBar

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