• "Show Until Dismissed" in Stacks Content child when using open on page load.  See below for usage notes.
  •  "Add content link" to images in the Image Content child stack.
  • Source overlays now work as expected.

Usage Notes.

The following only applies for Stacks Content child stacks that have already got the "Open on page load" setting enabled.

Nothing will break and your pages will work as normal despite the following.

You will notice that as well as the "Only Once" checkbox, the "Until Dismissed" checkbox is also selected. This is a Stacks quirk and is nothing to worry about. Your original "Only Once" setting will still be enabled and your pages will behave as expected.

If you click either of the checkboxes, they will resume normal behaviour and only one may be selected at a time. 

You don't need to do anything but if you want to just click the "Only Once" checkbox then the other one will become unchecked. 

New instances of the Stacks Content child stack added to your page will not show this behaviour and will only allow one of the checkboxes to be selected from the start.